IT Support: The Threats Foreign Hackers Pose and How To Protect Your Business

Chinese hackers have been stealing data from American companies for several years now.

While it’s not a new phenomenon, it continues to grow more troubling over time.  And truth be told, there may not be an end in sight.

The truth is, these attacks are state sponsored.  And China doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

A recent 60 Minutes story called it:

“The Great Brain Robbery”

In their story by the same name, they speak with assistant attorney general of National Security, John Carlin, who admits that thousands of private US companies have been affected.

Furthermore, this issue is far-reaching.  According to George Kurtz, (CEO of Internet security leader CrowdStrike) these thefts have occurred in “every industry, engineering documents, manufacturing processes, chip designs, telecommunications, pharmaceutical—you name it, it's been stolen.”

Obviously, this poses serious problems for US businesses who thrive by staying on the cutting edge and continuing to develop new technologies.

The lost revenue from cheaper fakes isn’t hard to see coming.  But what isn’t so obvious is how this could lead to a chain reaction down the line.  If the world’s biggest and best innovators have a harder time turning a profit, development timetables for new technologies will grow longer.

For American business, this situation could become dire.

Likely to Get Worse

Despite a September agreement to curb cyber espionage between President Obama and the Chinese President Xi Jinping,  American businesses have continued to report cyber attacks.

The fact is, China maintains that they oppose cyber attacks in accordance with law.  And no one really expects them to stop attacks that they won’t even admit.

The Chinese government is even suspected of helping to break into systems in order to steal information about legal cases being built against its individuals and organizations.

Throw in the fact that their economy has slowed over the last few quarters and one might instead assume that the attacks will probably increase.  At the very least, desperate Chinese businesses don’t help the issue.

It seems the only thing that can provide any remedy is that businesses take certain precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood that their or their clients information can be stolen.

Protect Your Business

Cyber security is a field that requires serious training and expertise.

Hackers are clever and relentless.  You need solutions that are as airtight as possible.

In addition to proper setup and intelligent implementation of security operating procedures, every business has its own unique set of challenges.  That’s why IT solutions are best left to the professionals.

In the modern climate, it is simply irresponsible not to protect yourself from the potential ills of cyber attacks.  There is too much on the line: your revenue, your proprietary information, your clients’ faith.  Why trust the job to an amateur (even if that amateur is yourself)?

If you’re looking for a partner in the fight against hackers in China and anywhere else in the world, 1iX Network solutions in Atlanta should be considered one of your premiere candidates.

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