Managed IT Services – Building Your Team To Run Like A Well Oiled Machine

If you are reading this, then you are probably considering partnering with a managed IT services team.

The reason we say “partner” is because that’s honestly, the best way to look at it.

While you may be thinking of replacing your IT services all together with a team outside of your business, you really should be thinking of the overall
picture, besides the cost savings.

Sure, saving money for small to medium sized businesses is always a plus, but don’t start letting your IT staff go just yet.

So, just what can managed IT support do for your business?

Glad you asked, here’s a closer look.

Frees Up Your IT Staff To Focus On Bigger Picture Projects

Sit with your IT team

If they are the go-to computer related folks in your business, then you’ll likely get a chance to see some of the things that are taking up most of their time.

Things like users constantly forgetting passwords, users downloading something they shouldn’t have on their computers and of course the dreaded –

“HELP! My screen just went blue and I don’t know what to do!”

We’re not saying your employees do that, but just thought we’d give you some examples.

What do these all have in common?


They take up someone’s time. In this case, it’s your IT staff’s time.

Time that could be spent doing other things.

Other MORE important things.

Think about it. If you needed to have your entire network overhauled and were migrating to a new server, would you want your IT staff unlocking passwords that people forgot, OR working on the migration.

We think we know the answer to this.

Helps Your Business To Run More Safely

Didn’t think that would be in there did you?

Managed IT services and managed service providers can take care of all of your maintenance needs when it comes to your hardware and software.

Remember the example we used earlier of your IT staff being “IT” when it came to all computer questions? Sorry, no pun intended.

Asking them to do everything, including security would be like asking your project managers to make sure the bathrooms were clean, and oh yeah police the parking lot and keep all of the intruders out.

Managed service providers can provide not only ongoing maintenance, but also keeps an eye out for any security risks that you may be vulnerable to.

These services keep an eye out for you to stay ahead of hackers, computer viruses and anyone trying to do harm to your infrastructure.

In small to medium sized businesses, security of this nature or lack thereof could make or break day to day business activities.

If you need more security, then you may want to highly consider a managed IT services team.

Helps Your Business Run More Efficiently And Effectively

When it comes to all of your computer related needs (cloud services, email, software updates, etc.), you really need things to run more efficiently and effectively.

Someone once said that those two words can be summed up as doing things correctly and doing the correct things.

In your business, you need both of them to happen if you want to be as successful as possible, AND managed IT services can do just that for you.

If you have been finding that your IT staff is getting overwhelmed and could use some help, OR if you want some ways to better streamline your IT needs, then please consider managed IT services.

In the landscape of small to medium sized businesses, it helps level the playing field.

As a small to medium sized business owner, you can use all of the advantages you can get.

If you’d like to learn more about how managed service providers can benefit your business, please contact 1ix Network Solutions today.